Treat Your Taste Buds


What's one thing you miss about traveling? THE FOOD - right?


Langley City is the perfect destination for you to travel the world through your taste buds. You can't jetset quite yet - but your mouth can! A hotspot of international cuisine, our city offers an abundance of fresh and exciting flavours to explore. Are you ready to be whisked away on an internationally inspired foodcation? The one and only destination you need this summer is Langley City. 


Take the Journey

Girl's Weekend

Are you longing for some peace, pampering, and pleasurable memories with your besties? Langley City is calling your name. Plan this year’s staycation in our charming city with an itinerary that you and the girls will love. 

Why not begin your weekend winding down at the Spa? Treat yourself to a much-needed massage at Simply Spa downtown or spoil yourself with services at Spa Tru. 

If shopping is part of the plan, you’re in luck! Browse an assortment of unique and quirky British Columbian-made items at The Local Space. Then, check out our Shopping Directory to see where to head next! 

Finally, fill your bellies with great food at one of our many mouth-watering dining spots. With a vast assortment of restaurants, breweries, cafes, and more, we’ve got your every craving covered for the entire weekend.

Check out our comfy and cozy accommodations and plan your gal’s getaway ASAP!



Escape Reality

Daily routines and monotonous schedules can get boring – right? Not anymore! Right outside your door is the chance for you to live out your Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, or Tiger Woods fantasy. 

Spice this weekend up with a thrilling, exciting, and maybe even adrenaline pumping activity. Are you up for a challenge? Put your problem-solving skills to the test in one of Exit Langley’s escape rooms. Travel through time to the Wild West or propel yourself into the future for a chilling and mysterious abandoned laboratory adventure. 

Tired of playing through the same golf courses? Visit The Golf Den for a virtual reality golf simulation and challenge yourself with the best and toughest courses! And after you’re all golfed out, prolong your fun escape with the multitude of VR games available to enjoy. 

You don’t need to go far to catch a much-needed break from your everyday life. Find an unforgettable adventure right here in Langley City!  



Get Crafty

No matter what age, it feels AMAZING to kick back and let your creative juices flow! If your craft drawer consists of dried-up glue sticks, a few pipe cleaners, and crinkled construction paper – don’t worry!  Langley City is host to numerous spots where you can go to scratch that creative itch. 

Have you got a project you are dying to start but lack the required tools? Hop on over to Maker Cube to have a surplus of traditional and modern tools at your disposal. Bring your ideas to life with unprecedented access to workspace, classes, and other like-minded individuals in this unique co-working space. 

Another notable crafter’s hub is The Painted Loft. Here, you can sift through their vast gallery of Pinterest-worthy projects and select one to create in a fun and safe workshop setting. Check it out today and impress your friends and family with top-notch piece of handcrafted décor!



Choose Your Own Adventure

Attention all nature lovers! Whether you’re an avid outdoorsperson or a backyard adventurer – Langley City is THE place to be. As the seasons change, don’t miss out on the summer scenery that enchants our city’s parks and trails this time of year.  

Witness the exotic plants, colorful shrubs, and tranquil ponds of Sendall Botanical Gardens. Whether you’re looking for that next great Insta pic or just need a breath of fresh air, this picturesque locale is a must-see. 

Head over to Brydon Lagoon’s wildlife sanctuary to spend the afternoon exploring Langley City’s creatures under a canopy of pine trees. Then, take your eyes to the sky to behold a bird lover’s paradise! Pick up a Birdwatching Backpack at the library and head out with your friends, family, or as a solo adventure.



Thrift It Up


Thrifting is all the rage right now! Stay trendy and embark on a search to find your next timeless garment or envious antique. There’s nothing more satisfying that snatching up a one-of-a-kind treasure that NOBODY else has – right? Scope out the aisles of Penny Pincher, Boutique Finds, or one of the many other local thrift spots in the city. 

Head over to The Passionate Home and browse their stunning vintage pieces to add to your collection. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their Chalk Paint for a fun, DIY way to revamp your second-hand furnishings and other finds. 






Teen To-Do's

School’s out! Now what? While TikTok routines, endless video games, and sleeping until 2pm are critical elements on the typical teen to-do list, we have some great boredom-busting suggestions.

Slather on that SPF and run, flip, and vault into summer at North America’s largest parkour course at Penzer Action Park. Decked out with a pump track, sport box, dirt jumps, and more, this is a perfect summer hangout for this smartphone-savvy generation! 

Looking for some air-conditioned activities? We’ve got ‘em! Langley City Youth’s summer schedule is jam-packed with teen-oriented events. Your teen can take up art for an evening, shoot some hoops, or get their mingle on at youth night!